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The number one priority at any piercing parlor should be cleanliness and concern for your health. If the one you're considering is not sparkling clean and well-lit, bypass it for another that is. It's pointless to endanger your health just for a body decoration.

Any reputable piercing parlor -- from an earring kiosk to a full-service business -- will be willing to follow the local health rules, which can vary greatly according to jurisdiction. You should look for the relevant permits, which should be displayed openly, and be sure they're current.

Be prepared to present a valid form of identification when you go to a piercing parlor for a body piercing. There may be age limitations in your local area for anything other than basic earring piercing, and if you look younger than you are, the parlor may (and should) ask for ID.

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Looking for a Boston Piercing shop?

What is a piercing shop?
A piercing studio is a professional managed facility. which traditionally provides the services of piercing as well as providing the items to fill in those piercings

Why do you look for one?
If you need a piercing shop:
» To help you get your little girls ears pierced for the first time.
» To get that stud in your tongue you always wanted.
» To put that little gem in your nose for you.
» To help with those hidden piercings.
» To give you the look that you want.
then you look for a piercing studio.

Where do you find a piercing shop?
Joyya.com will help you to find the best piercing studio providing professional clean. and artistic services. Check our listings to find the best piercing shop close to you. Whether a first time piercer or a person looking for just one more. you should prefer licensed piercing studios.
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