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Don't go into a piercing parlor expecting that you'll be done once you walk out the door. Piercings can take weeks to heal, and require a fair amount of aftercare before everything's back to normal. Your parlor should provide you with an aftercare sheet before you leave.

While piercings are by no means as permanent as tattoos, they're costly, they hurt, and there's always a chance of infection and illness. That being the case, be absolutely sure you're clearheaded before you enter a piercing parlor and arrange for a piercing.

Before you let anyone pierce you with a needle, get some referrals for both the piercer and the piercing parlor. A professional shop won't mind if you check out their references; considering what you're planning, they'd probably consider you irresponsible if you didn't.

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Looking for a Los Angeles Piercing shop?

What is a piercing shop?
A piercing studio is a professional managed facility. which traditionally provides the services of piercing as well as providing the items to fill in those piercings

Why do you look for one?
If you need a piercing shop:
» To help you get your little girls ears pierced for the first time.
» To get that stud in your tongue you always wanted.
» To put that little gem in your nose for you.
» To help with those hidden piercings.
» To give you the look that you want.
then you look for a piercing studio.

Where do you find a piercing shop?
Joyya.com will help you to find the best piercing studio providing professional clean. and artistic services. Check our listings to find the best piercing shop close to you. Whether a first time piercer or a person looking for just one more. you should prefer licensed piercing studios.
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