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Never hire a band without listening to the recommendations of past clients. If the band sounds great but you can't get any decent recommendations from people who've hired them before, there's got to be a good reason. Drop them from consideration, and move on to the next option.

Musicians usually work pretty hard, so be sure to give them the breaks they need. In the course of a standard four-hour reception or similar event, most contracts require that the band has 3-4 short breaks, and one longer meal break of at least 20 minutes' duration.

Long before your band starts playing, you should discuss with them the appropriate pacing of the event. How the band paces their sets will contribute to the "energy" and mood of the event, as will the songs they choose to play, and the tempo at which they play them.

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Looking for a Dallas Band?

"What is a band?
A band is a professional service, which traditionally provides music for entertainment.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service from a band:
» To provide entertainment for your wedding celebration,
» To give your loved ones a wonderful party,
» For your religious celebration,
» For a very cool teen party,
» For any occasion that music is a must,
then you consider band.

Where do you find good band?
Joyya will help you to find the best band providing professional musical services. Check our listings to find the best band close to you. Whether a small local group or a more established band, you should prefer a professional band."
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