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When taking your child to the theater, make sure they understand the rules of the game: no loud talking, no fussing and carrying on, no interruptions. Make sure your child understands that the characters on the stage are people in costumes, playing make-believe.

One way to save money on a theater experiences is to attend a performance at a local college or university. The price is right, and while the actors may not be the most polished you've ever seen, their performances tend to be earnest and entertaining.

When attending live theater, remember to focus all your attention on the stage as soon as the lights dim. That's your cue that the play is about to start. If the audience remains noisy or restless, the actors will know you're not ready, and the performance will be delayed.

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Looking for a Dallas Movie Theater?

What is a movie theater?
Theaters are a professional managed facility. which traditionally shows movies on a large screen with many seats in an arena type setting.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a movie theater :
» To go see the newest releases.
» To take someone on a date.
» To take a group of children to see the new animated feature.
» To watch classic movies on the big screen.
» To take the kids to get them out on a winter day.
then you look for a movie theater

Where do you find a theater?
Joyya.com will help you to find the best movie theater providing professional entertainment. and movie viewing services. Check our listings to find the best theater close to you. Whether a critic or a simpleton. you should prefer licensed movie theaters.
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